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General Health Awareness

Action for gender equality

This program is designed to work with young people of age group 13 to 17 years. This is the fifteen weeks program for understanding expectations, human rights, understanding gender, gender equality, adolescent change, sex and sexuality, sexuality and health, violence and masculinity, vaginal violence. In this program facilitators provide training and take sessions of two hours in a week. School students and youth are participating in it. It is an initiative for young people to change their mindset and raise their voice against the violence against women in society.

Education and Child right

School program

This program is especially for school going children. Through this program we have organized various non-book activities, which contain topics like environment, health, child rights etc. After each activity all children are encouraged with small prizes. So, other children who are out of school are also encouraged to come to school regularly. Our main objective of this program is that each child of the school going age group must be in school and not in labour work.